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Le projet Villes marines de la Fédération canadienne de la faune

Le projet Villes marines de la Fédération canadienne de la faune


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Petit poisson deviendra grand!

Les enseignants du Canada ont mordu à l'hameçon du programme Petit poisson deviendra grand ! 

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Habitat 2020

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The Canadian Wildlife Federation Learning Institute was launched at the 5th World Environmental Education Conference Earth Our Common Home in Montreal this May. Professors from across Canada joined CWF in developing the Learning Institute to enhance the connections between people and their environments. In this photo are the Learning Institute members (L-R) Dr. Leo Elshof, Assistant Professor, School of Education, Acadia University, Dr. Grant Gardner, Associate Vice-President (Academic), Memorial University, Dr. Luba Mycio-Mommers, Director of Education, CWF, Dr. Yves Jean, Director of the Science and Technology, University of Quebec in Montreal (TELUQ), and Dr. Richard Mrazek, Professor of Science Education, Faculty of Education, University of Lethbridge.
Institut d'éducation

L’IEFCF est un programme de la FCF. Son objectif est de mettre en valeur le lien entre les gens et leur environnement. 

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Summer Institute
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