Walking and Hiking Ethics

Respect wildlife!

We know you love and care for wildlife as much as we do. So when exploring the trails, let’s respect wildlife species by giving them their space and not disturbing them.

Stay on the marked path

Resist the temptation to travel off the well groomed trail. Not only will this protect fragile plants and wildlife but it will also help reduce degrading and eroding forest floors.

Pick-up after yourself

Litter impacts wildlife. Water bottles, coffee cups, aluminum cans and all forms of litter have no business in nature. Please dispose of your garbage properly and recycle it. Let’s do our part and pick up litter we see along the trails.

Leave what you find behind

Rather than bringing natural objects home, leave them behind so others can experience that same sense of discovery you experienced. Instead, take a picture of it and share it with us – we’d love to see it!

Walk for Wildlife